The Team

Country: Spain
Youtube channel: EnganchaLatibaer
Ana is better known as the journalist, always the first with providing us the latest news about LazyTown and built her reputation because of that. She is the founder of LazyTownWorld , a website and youtube channel, which give us a good view of LazyTown Entertainment and his employees from the early years to now. She is also the founder of this project.

Country: UK and Netherlands
Youtube channel: SolarFire45
Better known as the Mayor, he pushed people to do what they needed to do and kept a close watch on the project time. Tim is, together with Humberto and Chris, a LazyTown promotor for years now and mainly active on IMDb. Because of his intelligence, communication skills and sense of perspective, most people are an easy match for him. He was the right guy for this project.

Country: Netherlands
Youtube channel: Lazypooky
Poek is a trained musician, plays keyboard and makes high quality LazyTown music and remixes. She was the chosen one to coordinate the project because of her high intelligence, leadership and ability to keep people together and motivated.

Country: UK
Youtube channel: HazelRotten
Vic is always the first in line if something has to be done, like singing and making lyrics for this project. She is one of the sweetest persons with a great sense of humor, and mainly because of that she is loved by many LazyTown fans and by people from LazyTown Entertainment. She is a trained singer, musician and graphic art maker, which is showing on her devianart page

Country: Mexico
Youtube channel: Rotenella
Emilly is master in creating graphic art for a few years, showing it most on devianart and is responsible for a lot of LazyTown backgrounds on Youtube channels. She is a trained singer, and with the self made video edits she has one of the most watched LazyTown Related Channels. She chose to sing on the Easy Way version of Gizmo Guy.

Country: USA
Youtube channel: StephLBoy
Jack is known for making extra ordinary LazyTown remixes, is a trained singer and has recently uploaded video's with his vocals. He was the right person to sing his part together with Emilly on the Easy Way version.

Vivian and Sarah
Country: Germany / UK
Youtube channel: Viivi13
Youtube channel: Bubble093
Started a few years ago with dance video's on youtube and they grew out to be one of the most popular Stephanie dancers with hunderds of dancevideo's. Those two girls are also on the top when it comes to making Stephanie clothes. With their clothes making skills nothing is too much for them. Vivian is also a trained singer, and both make graphic art. They both chose their most special song to sing
Extra pictures Vivian
Extra pictures Sarah

Country: UK
Youtube channel: MakeLAUGHnotWAR
Alison is a comedian and LazyTown fan in heart and soul. She wrote most of the lyrics for this project and is always willing to help as much as she can. She has a trained voice in different styles of music, makes her own video edits and upload them to youtube. On occasion she makes graphic art.

Country: USA
Youtube channel: straitjacket1
Sam is addicted to LazyTown and loves to write LazyTown fanfiction. She talks and sings a lot and managed to sing one of the most difficult songs for this project.

Country: USA
Youtube channel: MisterStinge
Chris, better known as MisterStinge, is a trained singer (although he might say that he isn't) who plays guitar as well as keyboard and made a number of extra ordinary LazyTown remixes, which can be viewed on his youtube channel. He is a comedian and highly intelligent person, perfect for the song.

Country: Latin America and mexico
Youtube channel: ltfmex07
Humberto is known to have exceptional skills for making high standard video's, and puts all his energy and creativity in them. Besides that he promotes LazyTown by writing stories and thoughts on IMDb, have conversations with people who are not familar with the show and he makes graphic art. He is one of the sweetest persons, with a Latin American flair.

Country: USA
Youtube channel: nindanjoe
The master of video encoding, software and technique. He loves to talk for hours about it without boring people and amaze us everytime with new and improved techniques.

Country: USA
Youtube channel: LazyBlueHaze
Boredjedi has years of experience with video animation techniques, graphic art and 3D animation. He made a high quality 3D image of Sportacus airship, hunderds of animated LazyTown images and video's based on different subjects, mostly science fiction.